Hostess Gifts

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The Culinary Hostess

If your hostess loves to cook, bring a cookbook with some unusual crowd-pleasing recipes. It is the perfect gift that keeps giving.

The Host who has Everything

If your host/hostess has everything and lives a Luxe-lifestyle have them experience a fun, talk and tweet worthy gift. The candles and mists with a bouquet will provide a little bit of tranquility in this chaotic world.

hostess candle knocker


The Foodie Hostess

If your host loves exploring the world of food through their palette, pair this cookbook with a bottle of wine. A cookbook is more than just a book full of recipes, but a glimpse inside another culture.

The “Scent”sational Hostess

For Candle lovers and scents- you will get addicted to my fragrances because of the possibilities are endless. The purify candles and mist are romantic and elegant for date night or dinner party. The sage and cider freshen the room. The fruity scent with mandarin orange with basil brightens the room and adds a festive atmosphere. Each scent literally alters your mood, calms and distresses you. Its a richer scent with oriental adaptions each one is more inventive and does not rely on the masculine or the feminine clientele.

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